January 2017 Classics Courses

The Classics Department offers a wide variety of courses through which learners can explore the Greco-Roman world. Courses are divided into three groupings: Classics in English (CLAS), Classics in Latin (LATN), and Classics in Greek (GREK). To see the course descriptions of current offerings, scroll down.

Classics in English (CLAS)

CLAS/FLET 203 — Ancient Comedy

MTWRF 1:00–3:00 — McCaffrey

Readings in English translation of the comedies of Aristophanes, Menander, Plautus, and Terence. Special attention will be given to origins and development, literary and scenic conventions, and the influence of the genre on Western literature. Same as CLAS 203. Offered alternate years. Three hours.

CLAS/ARTH 215 — Roman Art

MTWRF 11:10–1:10 — Fisher

The Roman genius for art, as for many aspects of their civilization, was in the adaptation and originality with which they transformed borrowed ideas. This course begins with the Greek, Etruscan, and Latin origins of Roman Art, then examines the changes and innovations in art through the Roman Empire. Archaeological discoveries throughout the Mediterranean, especially Pompeii and Herculaneum, are highlighted. Illustrated lectures. Offered every three years. Three hours.

Classics in Latin/Greek (LATN/GREK)

LATN/GREK 381 — Women Writers of Antiquity

MTWRF 9:00–11:00 — Natoli

Over 95% of the literary texts handed down to us from ancient Greece and Rome was composed by elite men. Therefore, as has often been noted, this unbalanced authorship has led to a skewed, patriarchal view of antiquity. Yet, the work of more than 50 female writers still remains, albeit in a fragmented form. This course is a survey of the understudied and under–appreciated work of these women. Learners will be led through readings and discussion of the works of Sappho, Nossis, Corinna, Sulpicia, Perpetuua, Egeria, and Eucharia. All readings will be done in the original Latin and/or Greek. Prerequisites: GREK 215 or LATN 215 or permission of Instructor. Counts on the GREK, LATN, CLAS, and WMST Major/Minor.