January 2016 Classics Courses

The Classics Department offers a wide variety of courses through which learners can explore the Greco-Roman world. Courses are divided into three groupings: Classics in English (CLAS), Classics in Latin (LATN), and Classics in Greek (GREK). To see the course descriptions of current offerings, scroll down.

Classics in English (CLAS)

CLAS/FLET 203 — Ancient Comedy

MTWRF 9–11 — Seetin

Readings in English translation of the comedies of Aristophanes, Menander, Plautus, and Terence. Special attention will be given to origins and development, literary and scenic conventions, and the influence of the genre on Western literature. Same as CLAS 203. Offered alternate years. Three hours.

HONR 243 — Homer and Hollywood

MTWRF 9–11 and MTWR 1–4 — G. Daugherty

The Iliad and the Odyssey of Homer are classics of Greek and Western Literature and have had an enormous impact on high culture in the lofty reaches of great art, music, literature and performance. They deserve such a position and every educated person should learn how to read, comprehend and profit from them. They were also extremely popular and accessible throughout antiquity, and were enjoyed in their own right as smashing good yarns, riveting stories and entrancing performance pieces. This course will not only read and examine all of both works and place them in their appropriate context as literature of the heroic, oral and tragic traditions, but will also explore their themes and images as pop culture entertainment — both then and now by examining several films which attempted to either tell the same story or used the themes and plots of the epics in different contexts. Partially fulfills the Area of Knowledge requirement in Arts and Literature (arts) and counts on the major or minor in Classics. Four hours.