Fall 2014 Classics Courses

The Classics Department offers a wide variety of courses through which learners can explore the Greco-Roman world. Courses are divided into three groupings: Classics in English (CLAS), Classics in Latin (LATN), and Classics in Greek (GREK). To see the course descriptions of current offerings, scroll down. If you are looking for a particular class, try the following links:

Classics in English (CLAS)

CLAS/FLET 205 - Women in Antiquity

MW 2:10-3:40 – Natoli

Although almost all of Greek and Roman literature was written by men, many works treat or concern women, sometimes as realistic figures but more often as symbols. This course will examine the image of women in classical literature from Archaic Greece to Imperial Rome. For purposes of comparison and discussion, the social and historical realities will be considered as well. Three hours.

CLAS/ARTH 213 - Greek Art & Archaeology

TR 9:50-11:20 – Camp

This course covers the art and archaeology of Greece from the Geometric period c. 1000 B.C. through the Archaic, Classical, and early Hellenistic periods to 146 B.C. The emphasis will be on the legacy of the Greek civilization to Western art, city planning, and thought. Illustrated lectures. Three hours.

CLAS/HIST 312 - Roman History

TR 8:10-9:40 – G. Daugherty

A chronological survey of the political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of Roman History from the foundations to the end of the ancient world. Three hours.

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Classics in Latin (LATN)

LATN 111 – Elementary Latin

MWF 8-9 AM – C. Daugherty

The essentials of Latin grammar with emphasis on forms and syntax and the reading of simple Latin prose. No previous experience with Latin required. Three hours.

LATN 211 – Intermediate Latin

MWF 8-9 OR 9:10-10:10 – G. Daugherty

Practice in special reading skill required to read and translate continuous passages of Latin prose and an introduction to the reading of Latin prose as literature. Prerequisite: LATN 112 or pre–placement. Three hours.

LATN 215 – Intensive Intermediate Latin

MWF 2:10-4:20 – Natoli

An accelerated course which completes the collegiate requirement in foreign languages in Latin in one semester. Designed for advanced entering students who have completed four or more years of high school Latin or who have scored well on the achievement, advanced placement, or departmental screening tests. Brief review of grammar, syntax, and morphology along with concentrated reading skill development through readings in Latin prose and poetry. Admittance through placement testing only. Four hours.

LATN 348 – Advanced Latin: Roman Oratory

MWF 10:20-11:20 – Natoli

Selections from Cicero’s orations. Other possible authors include Seneca the Elder and Tacitus. Prerequisite: LATN 212, 215, or placement. Offered every four years. Three hours.

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Classics in Greek (GREK)

GREK 111 – Elementary Greek

MWF 10:20-11:20 – Fisher

A linguistically–oriented approach to the study of the Greek language with emphasis on grammatical structure and the acquisition of an elementary reading facility. Offered every year. Three hours.

GREK 215 – Intensive Intermediate Greek

MWF 9:10-10:10 and M 1-2 – Fisher

An accelerated course which completes the collegiate requirement in foreign languages in ancient Greek, and prepares students to take advanced courses in Classical and Koine Greek. Brief review of grammar, syntax, and morphology, along with concentrated reading skill development and intensive vocabulary study through readings in Classical and New Testament Greek. Prerequisite: GREK 112 or a placement by department. Offered every fall. Four hours.

GREK 344 – Advanced Greek: Greek Historiogrpahy

MWF 11:30-12:30 – G. Daugherty

Selections from Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, or Polybius. Prerequisite: GREK 212 or 215. Offered every other year. Three hours.

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