R-MC Classics Alumni have gone on to accomplish some pretty incredible things, using the knowledge and thinking skills learned here as a foundation for their success.  Below are the stories of a few Classics alumni.

Dr. Laura Gawlinski ('98)Gawlinski

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Classical Studies at Loyola University Chicago

"At Randolph–Macon, I was given the opportunity to excavate in Athens at the Agora; I am continuing to work at the site and have recently published an updated guide to its museum. I am currently expanding her research on bearded snakes in ancient art that had its start as a SURF project my junior year. I learned a lot about good teaching from my professors at R–MC and try to bring that to my own students now."

SpagnaRev. Amy Spagna ('98)

Curate, Trinity Episcopal Church, Bethlehem, PA

"My time as a Classics major at R-MC prepared me very well for life as a Latin teacher and subsequently as an Episcopal priest. The knowledge base, professional training, and sage advice I received from the faculty proved to be invaluable when it came to working with students, their parents, and the school system itself. I still use those skills daily in my work now - a lot of parish ministry, like teaching, is about how to meet a diverse group of people exactly where they are. When I was in seminary, being able to read Greek and Latin and having a solid understanding of the ancient world were both really helpful. The most important thing, though, was that R-MC had taught me how to do the kind of thinking and writing the professors there expected."

Molly Field ('04)Gawlinski

Community Engagement Program Manager, Office of the Chaplaincy, University of Richmond

“I’ve found that there is always a link between what we’re doing today and what has been done in the past. Law, democracy, medicine, warfare, religion, art, economics, literature, and philosophy all trace their roots to the ancient world. By learning from those who came before us, we develop empathy and wisdom that can inform how we live in the world today. The study of Classics in a liberal arts setting gave me a comprehensive and principled lens through which I see the world.”

CarrollNikki Carroll ('10)

Latin Teacher, Chesterfield County Public Schools

"I decided I wanted to be a Latin teacher in the 8th grade (crazy, right?), so I asked my middle and high school Latin teachers which college has the best Latin teacher training program. All three of them said Randolph–Macon! Attending R–MC was definitely the right decision for me. I was constantly challenged academically, especially since class participation and essays were an important part of the curriculum. I feel that I am much better prepared than some of my colleagues to communicate my thoughts and ideas, whether I am speaking or writing. The small class sizes also helped me develop real relationships with my professors, which is something I value to this day. I definitely would not be where I am today without Randolph–Macon Classics!"