An archaeological excavationThe Agora (or marketplace) of ancient Athens was the center of economic, social, and intellectual life, as well as the birthplace of democracy. Since 1931, the American School of Classical Studies in Athens has directed the excavation of this significant site.

Each year a number of interested students from Randolph-Macon can apply to join about thirty other undergraduate and graduate students from all over at the summer excavations. During this eight-week dig, excavators live in the college Year in Athens apartments in Kolonaki on the slopes of Mt. Lykavettos. Students learn first-hand about the techniques of archaeological work and the Classical world.

Travel though Greece is relatively inexpensive, and excavators easily find time for it. This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in Classics, museum work, languages, anthropology, study abroad, and the Mediterranean.

For more information on the Agora excavation, contact Dr. John Camp, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Professor, or someone from the college's Classics department. You can also learn more about the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. To find out more about offering assistance to the Agora Excavations, contact the Panathenaic Society.