Arts Management

Arts Management Majors: Course Requirements

Students and professor working on the set for a theater production.This program aims to merge a knowledge and appreciation of the visual and performing arts with a foundation in the operating methods and business practices of the organizations and institutions which support and administer the arts. Students electing the arts management major should select an emphasis from among art, music or drama. Requirements for this degree program include a series of courses common to all three available emphases. The courses required of all arts management majors, regardless of area of emphasis are: ACCT 221, 222, BUSN 111, 380, AMGT 411, and capstone seminar AMGT 441 (choose art, music, or drama emphasis).

Students electing the art emphasis must also take: STAR 240 or 241, either of which is the prerequisite to the rest of this emphasis and should be taken during the sophomore year; and ARTH 201, 202, STAR 243, 251; and one from among ARTH 227, 228, 235, STAR 252, and 253.

Students electing the music emphasis must also take: two courses in music theory (101, 221, 222, 321, or 322), MUSC 280, MUSC 351, one elective three-hour course in music, and three hours of applied that bear the same number.

Students electing the drama emphasis must also take: DRAM 111; three one-credit units of DRAM 310; DRAM 342; and six hours dealing with dramatic literature chosen from appropriate courses in drama, English, foreign languages or FLET. Students should consult a faculty member in drama for guidance on the dramatic literature courses available.

Arts Management Internship Opportunities

There are a number of established sites for internships, which are normally undertaken and completed in January of the senior year. Management majors have been placed in local arts organizations and businesses, as well as in similar operations in their hometowns or other locations beyond Richmond. Upon graduation, many students who successfully complete the AMGT441 (Internship) requirement have been offered entry-level positions in the institution where they completed the internship.

Questions about the Arts Management major may be directed to the Department Chair, Professor James Doering (, or to any full time member of the arts faculty.