Students digging at the Agora excavation. Archaeology is the study of the human past through material remains. In 21st century practice, archaeology is truly multidisciplinary, with contributions from history, art history, biology, chemistry, geology, anthropology, religious studies, epigraphy, and many other fields. The scope of the human past studied by the archaeologist ranges from the earliest development of humans to very recent times. Modern archaeological research is directed toward understanding how the past occurred, why things changed in the past, and how the past relates to our times.

With a broad range of disciplines involved, the study of archaeology also prepares students for a variety of jobs including field archaeology, museum studies, archaeological law, teaching and research, development of historical tourism, non-profit or other work safeguarding Indian rights and the rights of other indigenous populations. The archaeology major provides students with a coherent, interdisciplinary introduction to the practice, theory, methods, regulations, and ethics of archaeology.