Randolph-Macon’s central Virginia location provides easy access to nearby city and town settings, as well as the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside.

As a college town, Ashland is integral to the R-MC student experience. The town and surrounding Hanover County offers:

  • A mix of national chains and locally owned shops and restaurants
  • A culturally active arts and entertainment community, including street parties and arts fairs
  • A history-rich region
  • A regional park system with forests, streams, and challenging trails for hiking and mountain biking
  • The Ashland Amtrak station, providing daily connections to major Northeast Corridor and southern destinations
  • Two of the nation's largest bike routes — #1 and #76.
  • Easy access to I-95, less than a mile away

Richmond, a 15-minute drive from campus, is an important hub of culture, commerce, history and government, featuring a number of benefits for R-MC students, including:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • A significant number of R-MC internship opportunities in a state-capital city
  • R-MC's Richmond alumni chapter, providing a mentoring and professional resource for R-MC students
  • 33,000 works of art at the internationally acclaimed Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
  • 250 shops, restaurants and offices in Carytown