Women's Health Services

The Student Health Center (SHC) offers women's health care which includes gynecological examinations (PAP and sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment), oral contraceptive counseling and prescriptions, pregnancy tests, and urinary tract infection diagnosis and treatment.

PAP tests and STD tests are collected and sent to an outside laboratory (Labcorp or Healthpartners Lab) for evaluation. These labs can bill the student's medical insurance company. Please click laboratory testing for more information.

The SHC does not keep a supply of oral contraceptives in its pharmacy; however, the SHC can write or refill a prescription for any oral contraceptive a student may be taking. The prescription can then be taken to an area pharmacy to be filled.

The Student Health Center advises regular pap screening for anyone requesting contraception therapy, those whom are sexually active, or currently having any gynecological symptoms.  If you have questions or concerns, please call 804.752.3041 to schedule an appointment.