Laboratory Testing

Most lab tests ordered by physicians can be collected at the Student Health Center (SHC).

Some tests may be performed “in-house” at the SHC, including rapid strep A to diagnose strep throat, monospot to diagnose mononucleosis, influenza test to diagnose the flu, urinalysis, and urine pregnancy tests.

Labwork that cannot be performed “in-house” is collected at the SHC and sent for testing to a local laboratory for results. Such tests can include pap smears, throat cultures, stool cultures, and hematology testing. The student's medical insurance information will be provided to these laboratory testing facilities so they may bill directly to the insurance company. Prior to sending out any specimens for testing, the student will be informed and given an opportunity to decline such testing.

If students have any lab services performed by the SHC, the students will be charged a nominal fee for the test which is billed to their student account. With the student's permission, a copy of the charge form which contains appropiate codes can be mailed to the parents. This form contains the fees and may be used for insurance reimbursement.

Students may have labwork collected at the SHC by written request from their private physician. The SHC requires that the written request include the test(s) ordered with appropriate CPT codes and the ordering physician’s phone number, fax number, and a business address. Standard fees for lab collection will apply. The results will be faxed free of charge.

For more information, contact the SHC, Monday through Friday during office hours at 804.752.3041.