Allergy Injection Guidelines


The Student Health Center (SHC) will administer allergy injections with the following provisions on file:

  • Written orders from your allergist who has provided the appropriate serum.
  • Your signature on the allergy injection consent form.

Allergy Shot Protocol

There is always a possibility of an adverse reaction to an allergy shot. For your safety, our allergy shot protocol requires:

  • A medical provider must be present in the SHC.
  • You must wait in the SHC 20-30 minutes after receiving an injection.
  • Before leaving, you must be checked for signs of a reaction.
  • The injection site must not be rubbed or scratched. If itching occurs, apply ice.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise (jogging, gym workouts, etc.) one hour before and after injections.
  • Immediately report any problems/reactions from an allergy injection to the SHC.

Patient Responsibilities

  • Having current instructions, injection schedules, and serum(s) at the SHC.
  • Adhering to the injection schedule prescribed by your allergist.
  • Arranging to receive scheduled injections during semester breaks and summer break when the SHC is closed.
  • Obtaining refill serum(s) as needed.
  • Picking up remaining serum(s) when leaving the College for semester breaks, withdrawal or graduation. Any remaining serum will be discarded each May, the first Monday after graduation ceremonies. The SHC will not mail/ship any serum. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Understanding your allergist’s instructions

Allergy Injection Appointment Requirements

  • Appointments must be made.
  • If more then 5 minutes late for scheduled appointment, you may be asked to wait or reschedule.
  • You must adhere to injection schedule prescribed by your allergist. Missing three (3) visits as prescribed by your allergist, requiring an adjustment to your scheduled injections results in revocation of SHC allergy clinic privileges and referral to an off-campus medical provider. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Billing and Payment Requirements

The Health Center offers injections at a fee of $65 per semester that will be billed to the student account on the first visit.