Missed Class Notes

The Student Health Center does not excuse students from academic work (class, tests, assignments, etc).

There are a variety of conditions that we may strongly recommend a student stay out of class.  If this is the case, the student will be given a verification of visit noting his/her evaluation in the Health Center. Due to strict HIPAA laws, the SHC will not violate a student's confidentiality by disclosing the reason for the visit.

The student should not return several days or weeks after the clinic visit requesting a verification note of his/her visit.

It is the responsibility of the student to communicate with their professors about illnesses or reasons for missing class. If a verification is needed, it should be requested at the time of the visit.

It should be noted that if a student is ill and is recommended to avoid contact with others due to potential to spread illness in a community setting, the student must give the Health Center staff permission to discuss the case with the Provost office. The Provost may excuse the student for a specific time and arrange for alternate time to make up the assignment missed.