Frequently Asked Questions - Student Health Center

Do I Have to Fill Out the Health Form if I’m Not Going to Live on Campus?

Yes. Every student attending classes at R-MC must have a 2018 Health History Form on file in the health center. This includes commuters, athletes and international students and students who may only be enrolled for one class or summer conditional program.

Should I Have Health Insurance to Attend R-MC?

Yes. Students should keep a copy of their health insurance card with them at all times.

The Student Health Center bills the student account directly for incidental costs that may occur during a visit to our clinic (medications, procedures, etc).

We will request a copy of your insurance card on each visit.

NOTE: lack of health insurance or inadequate health insurance coverage while in the Central Virginia area could result in increased financial obligations and additional stress on students with lacking insurance.

What if I Turn in My Health Forms Past the Due Date?

Health History Forms are due August 1, 2018 for Fall Admissions and January 31st, 2019 for Spring Admissions. The SHC will work with you to ensure your forms are on record. You need to notify our office by phone (804.752.3041) or email if your forms will be later than the requested deadline. Health forms must be completed before students will be allowed to attend classes. You must UPLOAD your form to the secure patient portal at

Do I Have to Have a Dental Exam Before I Come to R-MC?

Although not required, students are encouraged to visit their dentist regularly for routine oral hygiene and check ups. There are dentists within walking distance of R-MC.

Can I Use the Health Center if I Don’t Live on Campus?

Yes. The SHC is open to all enrolled students.

There is no charge to be evaluated in the Student Health Center. There IS a nominal charge for medications, tests, procedures performed in the health center during your visit.  This is billed directly to the student account.

Does the Health Center Have Walk-in Hours?

 Yes. Walk-in appointment will be seen from 8am-9am Monday-Friday.

After 9am you must call to make an appointment to be seen. 804-752-3041. You may also schedule an appointment online using this link Online Scheduling. If your desired appointment time is unavailable online, please call the clinic for availability.

What Services Does the SHC Offer?

The SHC can treat a variety of illnesses and injuries. Basic Primary Care evaluation and treatment (routine health screenings and exams, STD screenings, common cold, flu, sinus, bacterial infections) and blood draws/screenings can be performed at the student health center.

There is no charge for evaluation in the student health center.  There IS a nominal charge for tests/procedures performed and/or medications given in the Health Center. These charges are billed directly to the student account.

  We are not equipped for emergency services or intervention.

If you believe you have a medical emergency, please call 911.

Do You Offer Injections For Allergies?

The SHC does not offer allergy injections. There are local allergist offices within 20 minutes that you may receive your injections. Additionally, there are a few walk-in facilities that offer this service to students.  Please call us with any questions regarding information about other clinics that perform this service.

Does the Health Center Administer/Dispense Medications?

The SHC has a limited amount of mostly over the counter medications for students. We also have a limited number of prescription medications for urgent purposes only.

Please have a pharmacy of choice in mind in case you need a prescription medication called in for your illness.

If the Health Center gives you medication at the time of your visit, it is charged directly to your student account. You may request that your medication be called into the pharmacy.

The health center staff will review medication requests on a case by case basis. 

Will the Student Health Center Refill My Medicine That My Health Care Provider at Home Prescribed?

The Staff in the health center is happy to refill medications when the appropriate documentation is presented by the student from the prescribing provider. Documentation will be reviewed these requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

Medications will be refilled at the discretion of the Health Center Clinical Staff.

For example, if a student has a diagnosis and needs medication, the health center may need the documentation from the prescribing physician to ensure quality and continuity of care. The student will also need to have an evaluation (appointment) in the Health Center to discuss these medicines with the provider in the Health Center.

The same is true for psychotropic drugs for diagnoses such as depression, bipolar disorder, ADD/ADHD, etc.

****Without appropriate documentation from the diagnosing provider, your medication refill may be delayed. Please do not wait until you are out of your medicine to come see us!****

You may call at anytime and allow us to assist you with your health care needs!
Phone: 804.752.3041