Parents Board

Parents Board

The Parents Board supports the general goals and purposes of Randolph-Macon College, as well as its highest priorities, and fosters bonds between parents and the College. Members are invited to serve. The board promotes the image and reputation of Randolph-Macon and is a forum for the exchange of information concerning the activities and programs of the College as a whole. The board provides an opportunity to support events and activities, which enhances the college experience for students and families and helps to strengthen the institution’s financial foundation.

2017-2018 Parents Board Members

Scott Anderegg and Lisa Krizan 
Andrew Anderegg '21  

Desmond Baker and Glenda Smith-Baker      
Haley Baker '21 

Peter and Robin Bethke
Davis Bethke '21  

Jeff '87 and Shelley '87 Burns 
Maddie ’19 & Jenna Burns ’19 

Lee and Becky Carman
Taylor Carman '21 

Mike and Sheila Carney  
Kevin Carney '18  

Bill '86 and Lori '86 Clary 
Caroline Clary '18  

Glenn and Chris Crater
Andrew Crater '20   

Barry and Pam Cross 
Matt Cross '20 

Larry and Jane Dantzler
Kristen Dantzler '20 

Craig and Heather DiSesa
Colin DiSesa '20
Alison Freeborn 
Oliver Freeborn '21 

Steve and Hasina Hafner
Daniella Hafner '21 

John and Andrea Holloway
Bo Holloway '20 

Roopam and Ravi Khandpur 
Ria Khanpur '20 

Matt Kilgroe 
Kent Kilgroe '20 

John Knapp and Fay Eure
Johnny Knapp '18 

Mauno and Sandy '80 Kylliainen

Kata Kylliainen '19 

Ed and Shelley Largo 
Christian Largo '21 

Clark and Kim Lewis  
Clark Lewis, Jr. '18

Kevin and Madonna Maas 
Bridget Maas '20  

Tim and Margaret Magee
Elizabeth Magee '21
Ron and Kim Nicholson
Nicole Nicholson '18 & Nash Nicholson '20

John and Cindy Papp  
Maria Papp '21

Tom and Ginny Parry 
Dorie Parry '18

Steve and Anne Cabell Pearce 
Benton Wentz '19 

Tom Saberhagen and Melissa Dana    
Noah Saberhagen '21

Greg and Susie Shockley
Noah Shockley '21 

Al and Leslie Strickler
Harrison Strickler '21

Keith and Angela Wadsworth 
Isabel Wadsworth '21 

Shannon and Ariana Wolfe 
Alexia Wolfe '20

For more information about the Parents Board, please contact:

Cara Carne 
Associate Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations 
Phone: 804.752.7290

Updated 5/31/18

The Office of College Advancement • P.O. Box 5005, Ashland, VA 23005 • 866-694-4574