Senior Speaker Information

All graduation candidates are encouraged to compete for the privilege of representing the Class of 2018 as the Senior Speaker.



For consideration, please submit electronically a complete application, as outlined below to Professor Anne Throckmorton, by Tuesday, April 10:

A complete application will include:

  • A letter to the Committee on College Life stating briefly why you wish to be considered for Senior Speaker.
  • A draft of your speech (not to exceed 10 minutes). You may choose to address subject matter you like. However, you may want to consider the following when crafting your speech:
    • Issues pertinent to your peers in the graduating class/family members/faculty/administrators/staff
    • Significant educational and personal moments of growth, the accomplishment of academic and personal goals
    • Meaningful and supportive relationships developed at R-MC
    • Preparation for "real life" accrued as a student at this institution.
  • Two letters of recommendation; one must be from a faculty member who is familiar with your academic performance. The second letter may come from another faculty member, or any non-student member of the Randolph-Macon community. Please ask your recommenders to submit their letters of support electronically to Professor Throckmorton by Tuesday, April 10.
  • The Committee on College Life will acknowledge receipt of your materials via email.  

Selection Process 

The Committee on College Life will consider all complete applications on the following criteria:

  • The depth, breadth, complexity and the stylistic appeal of the proposed speech
  • The applicant's broad connection to the current Randolph-Macon graduating class, as well as to the larger campus community
  • The applicant's record of character and judgment during his or her time at the college. (These criteria may be addressed in the letters of recommendation.)

Up to four applicants from the overall pool will be invited to present their speeches to the Committee prior to the final selection.  Please note that not all applicants may be invited to present their speech to the committee.

The Committee's recommendation of the Senior Speaker will be made in early May and forwarded to the President's Office, which will announce the final selection. The Committee will provide the finalist with editorial suggestions that should be incorporated into the final speech.

Updated 04/20/18