Randolph-Macon College has over 80 student organizations. These groups support the overall mission of the college and are involved in numerous activities, which promote student growth and development by enriching the academic experiences and providing opportunities to explore community interests, publications and other avenues for involvement.

As you begin to explore the numerous opportunities to get involved, we encourage you to consider the following:     

  • Participate - Student organizations are perfect outlets for you to try new things and meet new people. Discover the wonders of Chemistry even if you major in English. Join a choir, plan an event, manage an organization’s funds as a treasurer. Find the many ways that you can explore new things and practice the skills you learn in class.
  • Connect - Student organizations also provide opportunities to work with new people, develop your own sense of community, and to explore your interests. Work with a committee to bring a speaker to campus. Collaborate with other organizations to make your events bigger and better. Engage in and become part of the larger R-MC community.    
  • Discover - Student organizations will also allow you to challenge what you know about yourself and the world. Discover your strengths and weaknesses and new ways to achieve excellence. Learn to be a leader and work for social change through your organizations. Constantly look for opportunities for self-evaluation and skill development.