Late Night Buzz Funding

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The Office of Student Life encourages clubs, organizations, and departments to host Late Night Buzz events as a way to provide late night events to our student body, promote themselves, and to build sense of community amongst each other. Hosting an event is not cheap and that is why the Office of Student Life currently offers $150 to anyone hosting a Late Night Buzz event. All that we require is that you put in at least $50 of your own funds into an event.

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Late Night Buzz Funding Guidelines:


  • Events are to be scheduled for Saturday (Sunday) nights.
  • Events should begin at midnight end at 2am.

Approval Process

  • Student organizations planning late night events must meet with the Coordinator of Student Life or the Late Night Buzz Office Intern to go over event details as soon as sign ups open and while spots permit before the end of the semester (Ex. Must meet before Spring semester ends for Fall planning).
  • Student organizations must have a theme, poster/flier, and cost breakdown ready by meeting time with the Coordinator or Intern.
  • After a request is reviewed by the Coordinator of Student Life, the organization will be notified of approval or denial by email.


  • Funds are available to student groups and departments hosting events up to $150.
  • No alcoholic beverages are to be served at Late Night Buzz events.
  • No fundraiser events will be funded by the office funds to benefit either the student organization or any charitable organization. (Funds are for food, activities, and marketing. Cost breakdown must show that group is using personal funds for fundraisers).
  • All events are to follow the guidelines of the Office of Student Life.
  • All groups are required to swipe R-MC id cards or manually enter id numbers into The Buzz (This helps to keep track of attendance numbers and who to email evaluations to).
  • There can be no admission charged to R-MC students for attendance to events funded by the office.


  • Late Night Programming events are designed primarily for Randolph-Macon College students. Some exceptions for a great number of outside guests may be made upon approval of the Coordinator of Student Life (Ex. Midnight Macon Mile, Relay for Life, ect.).


  • The event will be ran entirely by club, organization, or department members. A Late Night Buzz program member will be there solely to supervise and ensure proper set up of office equipment (Karaoke Machine, griddles, ect.) and cleanup.


  • Events are to be advertised and open to all R-MC students.
  • Student organizations must provide a draft of poster/flier when submitting a funding form (via The Buzz).


  • The organization must indicate if the event has a co-sponsor and what its role is with the event (Ex. Office of Student Life and Residence Life).
  • All sponsors must put in at least $50.


  • A detailed breakdown of cost of both funds from the office and personal funds must be presented as to ensure proper use of office funds and the participants minimal $50 put in. 

Application Submission Process:
You can find the Late Night Buzz Funding Form on The Buzz through the Late Night Buzz page under forms or click here.

You will be contacted to meet with the Coordinator of Student Life and/or Late Night Buzz intern to review your request.

Event Evaluation/Summary Process:
Collecting data from evaluations that are submitted, attendance numbers, and final cost breakdown, groups will be given an assessment report. These reports will show at least cost per student, satisfaction level, and comments.

For further information, please contact Benny Balderrama, Coordinator of Student Life, via email at or by calling 804.752.7318.