Student Activities

The Student Activities page is your place to be updated and in the know of what is going on at RMC! Major events will be posted on here but feel free to click on the sub menu for the Commons Activities Board, Late Night Buzz, or the Movie Mania page or all of them to see what is going on at all times!

What exactly is Student Activities? While your academics are extremely important and the end goal is graduating, we want you to have fun and enjoy college life! Student activities are a way to unwind, take a break, and meet up with new friends in between classes. While you can participant in these events, you can also plan them as well! Many clubs and organizations offer opportunities to become a student leader and the very students planning all of these events. Direct organizations within the Office of Student Life include: the Commons Activities Board (CAB) and the Late Night Buzz.  

Come on out and enjoy! You never know what might happen or what you might get!