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Working with show choirs all across our nation, from California to Georgia, Adam Pulver (Mr. A) enjoys spreading the passion of show choir and performance to all who love the stage. Having had the opportunity to judge at numerous events, clinic various groups, and assist with the developmental side of show choir programs throughout the country, Adam thoroughly enjoys watching show choir programs grow and prosper in their unique and specialized directions. 

Just as many have, Adam started his show choir journey in his beloved middle school team and continued throughout his high-school years. As a college student, Adam founded, developed, and directed a select few show choir programs at his alma mater. Following the completion of his Master’s degree, Adam accepted a position at McKendree University where he created and developed the institution’s first show choir program. Through his tenure at McKendree, Adam created a strong foundation for a superb collegiate show choir, consisting of exemplary student leadership, highly esteemed performances, and strong community appraisal including a proclamation as “The Official Ambassadors of Goodwill for the City of Lebanon”.

Adam Pulver is excited to continue his show choir journey at Randolph-Macon College where he plans to create another astounding collegiate show choir opportunity for even more students seeking this experience. 

Bringing his energy and enthusiasm to the show choir community, Adam hopes to bring about more love for the arts, continued education for students across the nation and an invaluable support for music programs internationally.

Mr. A can be reached via email at