The Big Event- Students

The Big Event is on Sunday,November 4, 2018

The Big Event offers R-MC students, faculty, staff, and alumni the chance to show their appreciation for both residents of the Ashland community and the Town of Ashland by completing volunteer projects. The Big Event at R-MC is a student-run community service effort that has grown into the largest day of service at R-MC. Projects are completed regardless of need or socioeconomic status; instead, it is The Big Event’s goal to simply say, “Thank you.”

The Big Event kicks off in

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Students showing off Big Event shirts

Getting Involved:

Volunteers can sign-up individually, with a group, or with an organization on The Buzz at Any questions; please email the Office of Student Life at 

Important Dates: 

Last day for volunteers to sign-up: November 1, 2018

Last day to update your roster: November 2, 2018

Day of The Big Event: November 4, 2018 



  •  The Big Event is a one day service project, lasting no more than 4 hours
  •  The Big Event provides the means for R-MC students, faculty, staff, and alumni to say "Thanks you" to everyone in our community
  •  The use of power tools/ladders is prohibited 


Your safety is paramount to us. All projects are vetted for feasibility, security, and many other factors.


Start and End Times

Each individual or group team captain will be provided with a check-in time prior to the day of The Big Event.  Check-in times will be between noon and 1:00 PM on Sunday, November 4th, at the Old Tennis Courts parking lot. This is where you’ll receive your project(s) for the day as well as your required tools, t-shirts, water, and snacks. All locations, whether they be residential or business, will be in the Ashland 23005 zip code. All projects will end officially at 5:00 PM.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Will our team be assigned a project or will we have to search for our own project?

We will pair you to a project that has been requested through our website. All projects that are assigned to volunteers have been checked and approved by The Big Event Committee. You will find out your assigned project(s) on the day-of The Big Event during check-in.  Pairing is done based off the number of volunteers you register.  For this reason, it is VERY IMPORTANT that your roster is as accurate as possible.  If you need to update your roster at any time please email  

Is there a limit to the size of team that I can sign up? Is there a minimum to make a team?

You can sign up as many participants as you wish during the registration process. However, we may split your group into two or more projects depending on its size. Individuals who sign up will be merged into the individuals group or may be placed with another organization or group.

I do not know anyone else participating in the event. Can I sign up as an individual?

Yes, all individuals will be placed together in a group to complete a project.

I am not a student at Randolph-Macon. Can I still participate?

Yes, the more the merrier!If you are an alumni of R-MC; please visit The Big Event Alumni page for more information and how to register.  If you are a faculty or staff member; please visit The Big Event Faculty and Staff page for more information and how to register.  

What do the majority of the projects consist of?

Most projects are yard work such as raking, shoveling, mulching, etc. No power tools or ladders will be used, and all of our projects are pre-checked to ensure safety for all volunteers. Some could be inside such as cleaning, window washing, etc. Please dress appropriately for weather and in clothes you do not mind getting dirty.  Remember that shirts will be provided for all volunteers to wear while at their projects.  

How long do I work for at a project site?

You will work for a maximum of four hours. Typically, you will arrive at the project site around 1:00 PM and thus work until 5:00 PM at the latest. The homeowners are aware that you are not supposed to work longer than the allotted amount of time. Once your listed project is completed, you can return your tools to the Old Tennis Courts and you're done.  

What if I have an allergy or need a special accommodation? Can I still participate?

Yes! When you register as a volunteer, it will ask if you need any special accommodations. If you are allergic to any pets or have a disability, be sure to list it here. We will then match your group to a suitable project.

Does The Big Event provide transportation from the drill field to my project site?

Yes, if your group needs a ride, we can drive you to and from your project. We do ask that groups provide their own transportation if they are able as this will reduce the amount of time groups wait for a ride from The Big Event.

Do I need to bring tools or anything to The Big Event?

No, all tools will be provided based on what your project recipient has requested. Remember that you are not allowed to use ANY power tools while at your project. This includes but is not limited to: lawn mowers, weed whackers, drills, leaf blowers, and so forth.

The Big Event will also provide all volunteers with water and snacks during check-in. 

Is there a rain date for the event?

Unfortunately, if there is bad weather at the discretion of The Big Event Executive Committee, the event will be cancelled and not be made up. 

Can I have a volunteer verification letter signed for my participation in The Big Event?

Yes, after The Big Event has concluded, email Jayme Watkins at and she will ensure to get your a verification letter.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Email with any additional questions you may have.