Program Opportunities

Direct Service - Service Fellows will log over 200 hours of direct service during their four-year tenure in the program. Each Fellow works with other fellows or in various other community organizations providing service and time to assist with the goals of the selected project.

Education and Advocacy - The Service Fellows Program enriches the learning experience and development of each fellow as they become builders of sustainable and just communities. The Service Fellows Program not only focuses on direct service but seeks to educate students and the campus community about the contexts and root causes of the social needs addressed while performing direct service. Service Fellows engage in awareness campaigns, research, and discussion of the contexts and root causes of societal issues.

Reflection - Service Fellows write at least one (1) journal/blog/vlog entry each month that demonstrates their service for the month as well as their understanding of the contexts and root causes of the social need that led them to perform direct service. Service Fellows choose their method of reflection be it in paper, blog, or video entries.

Skill Building - Service Fellows gain experience running a not-for-profit organization. Board members serve as project managers, marketing professionals, and many others. These tasks lend themselves to reporting on the Co-Curricular Transcript which will allow Service Fellows the opportunity to record in an official way their co-curricular experiences at R-MC.