Programs and Services

Individual Meetings — Students are encouraged to come in and speak with our staff if they are interested in getting more involved in volunteering. During these meetings participants will work with the staff to find a volunteer opportunity that is right for them. After looking at what the participant is looking for, suggestions will be made about possible projects or agencies that match their wants and needs.  Contact Jayme Watkins,, to schedule a meeting.  

Student Organization Meetings — Student Organizations are also encouraged to meet with the Student Life Staff and/or invite them to a meeting to talk about SERVE Opportunities. Jayme Watkins, assistant director of student life, or another member of the Student Life staff will be happy to attend an organization meeting or meet with officers to help identify SERVE Opportunities.

SERVE Connect — Service opportunities, charities, and agencies are uploaded to the SERVE Connect database on an on-going basis. This database allows for students to find opportunities available with-in the community, as well as contact information for these opportunities.

Spotlights and Awards — SERVE works with the Office of Marketing and Communications to post spotlights of students and organizations are doing great things on campus and in the community. Also, beginning in the fall of 2012, SERVE will award the Above and Beyond Award each month to a student organization that is excelling at community service and/or philanthropic giving. SERVE will also monthly award the Round of Applause Award to an individual student who stands out as a role model in service and giving.

Reflection Activities — This is an important part of any service experience. Thinking and talking about the experience, what they liked/what they didn’t, and how the experience relates to their lives are ways for students to grow. SERVE offers activities, resources, and information with reflection ideas. Staff members are also available to meet and talk about the experience and facilitate reflection.

Project and Conference Funds — SERVE encourages and supports new service ideas. Funds as well as collaborative support may be able to be provided for new initiatives.  Contact Jayme Watkins,, for more information.  

Macon a Difference Day (MADD) — Each spring, students participate in a National Day of Service. MADD brings students, faculty, staff and community members together to complete service projects.

The Big Event- Through service-oriented activities, The Big Event promotes campus and community unity as students come together for one day to express their gratitude and support for the Ashland community