Practical Experiences

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Leadership Fellows will, also, participate in each the practical experiences at some point during their tenure in the Leadership Fellows Program.  The experiences provide Leadership Fellows with the opportunity to interact with other leaders and to tackle real leadership issues and issues and synthesize solutions and strategies to address those issues.

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The Great Leadership Hunt
Leadership Fellows travel to Washington, DC to work with their peers to identify a monument, person, or exhibit that exemplifies an assigned leadership theory.

Dream Speak Conference
Dream Speak is an intentional commitment to inclusion at Randolph-Macon College. Drawing together students, faculty, and staff members, this co-curricular conference will provide our community with the opportunity to engage as a community around issues of diversity and inclusion, based on the successful student leadership conference, will provide intentional training, opportunities for engagement, and exploration of difference. 

Case Study Competition
Second-year Leadership Fellows are teamed up to tackle a real leadership case.  Each team analyzes the facts and provides concrete recommendations for success. 

Student Leadership Conference
The Student Leadership Conference provides Leadership Fellows the opportunity to attend a professional conference where they hear from a keynote speaker and attend break out sessions.   Each year, a theme is selected that reflects the leadership needs of the campus.