Foundation Experience

Leadership Fellows Program  Foundation Experience
Large Group of Students Crowded Around Table with Pieces of Paper on It
The Foundation Experience of the Leadership Fellows Program is an eight (8) week seminar where students learn the foundations and history of the study of leadership that will prepare them for the remainder of their time in the Leadership Fellows Program.

First-year Leadership Fellows will participate in the seminar during their first semester at Randolph-Macon.  Students accepted into the program after their first year will participate in the first fall or J-term after they are accepted.

Seminar Overview

Location:     SunTrust Theater
Time:          12:20pm - 1:20pm

Leadership Fellows Keynote 2015 

"The leadership theories that the Leadership Fellows Program teaches are the basis for an ethical foundation in the real world. Right now, you are all leaders in the classroom, in your student organizations, on the field or court, or in your Greek organizations.  As you have been developing those skills over your four years, you are going to find that you will have an easier time transitioning to the working world because things like ethical behavior, understanding missions and purposes, and dedication to things you commit to."

- Laura Young '14