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James D. McGhee, Jr.
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Co-Curricular Transcripts
The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is a record of a student’s involvement in educational experiences taking place outside of the classroom. The CCT program is designed to encourage significant student involvement in the learning process by documenting academic experiences that take place outside the classroom. The CCT serves to accentuate the student’s personal journey and provides a holistic view of a student’s skills and abilities. It can increase a student’s marketability to prospective employers and graduate schools, who are seeking individuals who are dedicated to leadership development, community service, and civic engagement. The CCT is a college verified document that bears the College Seal. The CCT can and should  be customized to complement an academic transcript or a resume.

The Co-Curricular Transcript reflects active participation in learning experiences and provides an opportunity to highlight leadership, decision-making, team-building, problem solving, communication, goal setting and networking skills. The Office of Student Life and The EDGE Career Center provide advice and counseling to assist students in the preparation, maintenance and effective usage of a functional Co-Curricular Transcript.
The Co-Curricular Transcript is organized around four areas of learning and development. Transcript entries reflect student involvement in various activities and must meet the certification criteria of at least one of the four learning components outlined below:

  • AWARDS, HONORS & SCHOLARSHIP acknowledge distinguished academic or personal achievement bestowed upon students while attending Randolph-Macon College.
  • STUDENT ORGANIZATION & LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES reflect student membership and participation in College-recognized clubs and organizations. Items included in this component require a record of organizational membership for at least one semester and certification of organizational contributions by the Assistant Dean of Students or his designee.
  • EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS & PROGRAMS are College-sponsored workshops and seminars presented by professional educators, scholars or certified practitioners. Programs listed in this area are designed to enhance a student’s personal, academic, leadership and/or cultural development.  Examples include the Student Leadership Conference and the Dream Speak Conference which are offered each year.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE & CIVIC ENGAGEMENT represent R-MC sponsored events and activities that demonstrate a commitment to civic responsibility. Such activities promote citizenship, political awareness, public service and charitable contributions.

All official Co-Curricular Transcripts are official documents of Randolph-Macon College bearing the University seal. All entries listed on this transcript have been validated by the Office of Student Life under the authority of the Vice President for Student Affairs.
To view an unofficial copy of the CCT, students may utilize the BUZZ. You will be prompted to log-in to the BUZZ prior to being able to view your transcript.
While many Co-Curricular Transcript entries will appear automatically through your involvement and interactions within the BUZZ, some entries need to be self-entered by the student.

  • Awards, Honors & Scholarships - must be self-entered and submitted for approval by the student.
  • Student Organization & Leadership Activities - entries are populated through the student's interactions and involvement within the BUZZ. 
  • Educational Workshops & Programs - may be recorded through event attendance tracking feature in the BUZZ by a student group leader or campus administrator or these entries can be self-entered and submitted for approval by the student. Please speak with the workshop host to determine how you can receive the appropriate Co-Curricular Transcript credit.
  • Community Service & Civic Engagement - entries are recorded through the service recording feature in the BUZZ. A student group leader or campus administrator may record a student's service hours or the student may record service hours using the guidelines established for service hour reporting.

To learn more about managing your Co-Curricular Transcript document online through the BUZZ, including specific instructions, please visit the Office of Student Life.

Students who were members of organizations or participated in Service Events before the launch of the BUZZ should contact Jayme Watkins, Assistant Director of Student Life, at to have their membership records updated for their CCT.
Prior to requesting an official copy of your Co-Curricular Transcript, please review your unofficial Co-Curricular Transcript in the BUZZ. Once you have confirmed that your information is accurate and all of your desired entries are listed, please complete the online Co-Curricular Transcript Request Form.

The right of privacy is of utmost importance and, therefore, confidentially will be maintained. The official Co-Curricular Transcript will only be released to the student. Copies will not be sent directly to employers or graduate schools. Transcript(s) can either be mailed to the student or the student can pick up the official copies in person from the Office of Student Life.  Please allow up to five business days for official copies to be picked up and up to ten business days for official copies to be received through postal mail.