The Yellow Jacket Safe Zone Program

The Student Engagement Center offers workshops for faculty, staff, and student leaders designed to help them become more sensitive and informed allies for the LGBTQIA+ community. At the completion of the workshop, participants will be offered the opportunity to sign a pledge agreeing to advance the Safe Zone mission and may receive a Safe Zone sticker to place in their workplace or where they live on campus, or a Safe Zone button, perfect for a jacket or backpack. Also, faculty, staff and student leaders may engage in advanced training and become certified to train others to be Safe Zone Allies.

Picture of Sticker for Safe Zone Allies Faculty and Staff Members

What Does the Sticker Mean?

The display of the Safe Zone sticker or button means that the owner has attended a Safe Zone workshop and signed an agreement to be supportive and affirming of the LGBTQIA+ community. It does not mean that the owner identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, nor should it be inferred that those without Safe Zone stickers are unsupportive.

Allies and Resources

For more information or to schedule a Safe Zone Training, please contact The Student Engagement Center at or you may reach us by phone at 804-752-3205.

Trained faculty and staff members are listed below along with their last completed training year. Training should be repeated three (3) years after the last date of training.

  • Sam Allen, Communication Studies (2022)
  • Heather Bauby, Sports Medicine (2022)
  • Leslie Bax, Marketing & Communications (2022)
  • Ruth Beerman, Communication Studies (2022)
  • Timothy Berge, Library (2022)
  • Summie Bledsoe, Student Engagement Center (2022)
  • Claudia Brookman, College Advancement (2022)
  • Maggie Brown, College Advancement (2022)
  • Carin Bublitz, Student Engagement Center (2022)
  • Eliot Burton, Biology (2022)
  • Terri Church, Campus Store (2022)
  • Joan Conners, Communication Studies (2022)
  • Alana Davis, Registrar’s Office (2022)
  • Lauren Devan, International Education (2022)
  • Barclay DuPriest, Campus Store (2022)
  • MK Geratowski, Athletics (2022)
  • Meriwether Gilmore, VP of Finance Office (2022)
  • Julie Hickman-Godoy, Financial Aid (2022)
  • Kaylyn Hill, Sports Medicine (2022)
  • TJ Horan, Student Engagement Center (2022)
  • Annie Keith, Higgins Academic Center (2022)
  • Brent Kintzer, Athletics (2022)
  • Lore Lynch, College Advancement (2022)
  • Megan McCauley, Sports Medicine (2022)
  • James McGhee, Dean of Students Office/SEC (2022)
  • Alyssa Mikytuck, Psychology (2022)
  • Diane Munsey, College Advancement (2022)
  • Carrie Noonan, Dean of Students Office (2022)
  • Jane Nucup, International Education (2022)
  • Mariah Payne, Higgins Academic Center (2022)
  • Laurie Preston, Library (2022)
  • Laura Ruxton, College Advancement (2022)
  • Nicholas Ruxton, Marketing & Communications (2022)
  • Erin Sheridan, Athletics (2022)
  • Judee Showalter, Library (2022)
  • Elizabeth Simmons, Student Engagement Center (2022)
  • Joshua Sipe, Higgins Academic Center (2022)
  • Laura Soulsby, Title IX Office (2022)
  • Carter Walton, President’s Office (2022)
  • Lindsay Welch, College Advancement (2022)