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Randolph-Macon Class Agents

R-MC Class Agents serve as ambassadors to their classmates on behalf of the Office of Annual Giving. They are responsible for soliciting support from their classmates to ensure that the College’s alumni participation rate remains competitive with other colleges and universities of Randolph-Macon’s size and prestige. Alumni Participation is critical to the College because many college guidebooks and ranking services, such as U.S. News and World Report, use alumni giving participation rates as the sole criterion to rate alumni involvement when compiling overall institutional quality ratings. To move up (or even maintain our place) in the rankings and thus attract quality students, increasing our alumni participation rate is a critical component. If you would like to volunteer to help your class, please email

Your Class May Be the Next Tom Powers Award Recipient

In 2003, the Society of Alumni created an award to recognize those classes with the highest giving participation rate within their decade. They named the award after W. Thomas (Tom) Powers, ’31. Dubbed “Mr. R-MC” by his peers, he was a tireless volunteer for the College; inspiring alumni to both volunteer for and support R-MC. The Tom Powers Award is housed in the Advancement Office and a plaque on campus honors the award winners.

Who Is Tom Powers?

Tom Powers, who died in 1991, was an active volunteer for Randolph-Macon since his graduation in 1931, Mr. Powers’ most distinctive long-term contribution to his alma mater was his role in recruiting other volunteers for the institution through his leadership style and magnetic personality.

His service to the College included work with the Admissions Office to entertain prospective and admitted students; work with the Development Office to encourage other alumni to contribute financially to the College; and service as chairman of the national Leadership Telethon program.

A member of the Alumni Board since 1974, Mr. Powers was elected to the Board of Associates in 1983. As chairman of the College’s $15-million capital campaign, “Our Heritage, Our Future: The Campaign for Randolph-Macon College,” he was credited with donating over 1,000 hours of personal time. Otherwise known as “Mr. R-MC”, Tom was instrumental in recruiting more than 500 alumni volunteers who helped solicit funds for the undertaking.

Tom Powers Award Winners

2016-2017 Award Winners     
(July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)    

1930s: 1938, 1939 (100% Participation)

1940s: 1943, 1946 (100% Participation)

1950s: 1959 (72% Participation)

1960s: 1963 (66% Participation)

1970s: 1975 (62% Participation)

1980s: 1981 (51% Participation)

1990s: 1997 (45% Participation)

2000s: 2008 (34% Participation)

2010s: 2015 (31% Participation)

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