The Grants Process

A grant is an agreement that commits Randolph-Macon College, along with the project director or principal investigator, to carrying out the activities described in the application and to administer the grant award as specified by the funding source. 

All proposals for grants that will be made to Randolph-Macon College, including those which request research funding for an individual faculty member, must be submitted for pre-approval and final approval through the Office of Corporate and Foundation and Relations.

The pre-submission approval process allows us to obtain the necessary authorizations from the President and/or Provost and Business Office. It allows the College to gauge the level of assistance and time needed for review and editing, obtaining letters of support and administrative approvals, budget review, etc.; and allows the College to plan ahead for online submissions where applicable. It also allows the opportunity to assess compatibility with the College’s program and the opportunity to identify any conflicts with existing proposals, or those under development, with the same funder.

Contact Information

Robert Patterson
Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships

Grant Pre-Proposal Application

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If You Have Identified a Funding Source

Faculty members interested in applying for grants or other forms of financial support should complete a pre-proposal form and submit it to our office. This form will provide us with basic information about the proposal and project.

The College’s grant pre-proposal may be downloaded below. Once you have completed the form, please save and send either by email or interoffice mail to Robert Patterson, Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships. As referenced in the faculty handbook, this pre-proposal information should be submitted sixty days prior to the announced submission deadline. 

If You Need Help Finding Funding

Our office can assist you in researching and identifying potential funding sources for your project. If you have an idea in mind, please contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss the prospects for identifying funding resources and the process of proposal design and development. Please be aware that given the competitive nature of grants and the institutional time commitments of our staff, not every idea may be a viable project for a proposal. If potential funding resources are identified, we will continue to assist you with administrative approvals and the development of your proposal.

Additionally, we have compiled a listing of grant opportunities for College faculty. Please use the navigation bar to the left to view opportunities in your area of study.

Post Award

Congratulations on your success!

For direct awards where a check is mailed to you, please make a copy of the check and other documentation for your files. The originals should be hand delivered to the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations for processing. The staff will record the grant, coordinate with the Business Office on setting up an account, and ensure that the check is deposited into the correct account.

For grant awards involving the electronic transfer of funds, please send or email copies of the award letter and other guidance to the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations and Business Office.

The College’s Controller and/or Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships will meet with the project director(s) or principal investigator(s) to explain post-award procedures, including reporting, time/effort sheets, vouchers, and other administrative concerns. The Business Office will assist in monitoring the expenditures of your grant, financial reports, and closeout of the grant.

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations can assist with the review and editing of any narrative reports due for your award as appropriate. Please send copies of all correspondence (including project reports) with the funder to the Office.


Updated 6/27/18

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