• Portrait for Mark Hipes

    Mark Hipes

    Director of Development for Athletics

    Phone: 804.752.7229
    Email: MarkHipes@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Alexa Jupe

    Alexa Jupe

    Assistant Director Annual Giving and Alumni Relations

    Phone: 804.752.8970
    Email: alexajupe@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Rhonda Toussaint

    Rhonda Toussaint

    Assistant Director of Reunion Giving

    Phone: 804.752.3051
    Email: rhondatoussaint@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Margaret Dodson

    Margaret Dodson

    Annual Giving and Alumni Relations Coordinator

    Phone: 804.752.3039
    Email: mdodson@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Alice Lynch

    Alice Lynch

    Executive Director of Alumni Relations

    Phone: 804.752.7222
    Email: alicelynch@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Will Hendricks

    Will Hendricks

    Director of Planned Giving

    Phone: 804.752.7352
    Email: willhendricks@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Anne Cabot Ishon Galeski

    Anne Cabot Ishon Galeski

    Associate Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations/Major Gift Officer

    Phone: 804.752.7523
    Email: anneishon@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Cara Carne Haddon '12

    Cara Carne Haddon '12

    Director of Donor Relations/Major Gift Officer

    Phone: 804.752.7290
    Email: caracarne@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Rick Golembeski '96

    Rick Golembeski '96

    Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations

    Phone: 804.752.3288
    Email: richardgolembeski@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Claire Stevens

    Claire Stevens

    Senior Director of Leadership Giving

    Phone: 804.752.3125
    Email: clairestevens@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Carter Walton

    Carter Walton

    Associate Director of Events Management

    Phone: 804.752.3222
    Email: carterwalton@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Elizabeth Gilkeson King

    Elizabeth Gilkeson King

    Executive Director of Campus Relations and Summer Programs

    Phone: 804.752.3156
    Email: BethKing@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for LaChelle Lewis '12

    LaChelle Lewis '12

    Development Coordinator for Athletics

    Phone: 804.752.3204
    Email: lachellelewis@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Anna Winburne

    Anna Winburne

    Gift Processing Assistant

    Phone: 804.752.7330
    Email: awinburne@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Carol Cauthorne

    Carol Cauthorne

    Gift Entry Coordinator

    Phone: 804.752.7386
    Email: ccauthor@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Becky Caldera

    Becky Caldera

    Web Coordinator

    Phone: 804.752.3111
    Email: rcaldera@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Paula Pardue

    Paula Pardue

    Systems Coordinator

    Phone: 804.752.7217
    Email: ppardue@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Ellen Stack

    Ellen Stack

    Director of Advancement Services

    Phone: 804.752.3238
    Email: ellenstack@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Claudia Brookman

    Claudia Brookman

    Director of Prospect Management and Research

    Phone: 804.752.7219
    Email: cbrookman@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Dylan Hollinden

    Dylan Hollinden

    Senior Web Developer

    Phone: 804.752.3231
    Email: DylanHollinden@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Trip C. Wells '02

    Trip C. Wells '02

    Video and Interactive Media Specialist

    Phone: 804.752.3268
    Email: TripWells@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Leslie Bax

    Leslie Bax

    Graphics Designer - Part-time

    Phone: 804.752.3712
    Email: LeslieBax@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Brent Hoard

    Brent Hoard

    Director of Web Services

    Phone: 804.752.3058
    Email: bhoard@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Kathryn DiPasqua

    Kathryn DiPasqua

    Marketing Generalist

    Phone: 804.752.3232
    Email: kdipasqua@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Jacqueline Swain

    Jacqueline Swain

    Director of Publications

    Phone: 804.752.7226
    Email: jswain@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Anne Marie Lauranzon

    Anne Marie Lauranzon

    Director of Marketing and Communications

    Phone: 804.752.7317
    Email: alauranz@rmc.edu
  • Portrait for Robert Patterson '94

    Robert Patterson '94

    Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships

    Phone: 804.752.3605
    Email: robertpatterson@rmc.edu