Macon March Madness

Macon March Madness Championship

Congratulations to The Boydton Society for winning our 2017 Macon March Madness competition. Thank you to the Class of 1984 who came in second and to all the classes who participated! We received over 400 gifts for Macon March Madness that directly assist many areas of the College, especially the students, faculty and staff! Many thanks again to all our Yellow Jacket alumni!!!

March Madness-Dare to Compete Email to Class Agents

What is it?

Macon March Madness is a month-long giving challenge to help increase alumni giving participation and create camaraderie among classmates.

How does it work?

Each class year was randomly seeded in the Macon March Madness bracket. Every class year starts with zero points. Classes advance to the next round based on the number of financial contributions received. Each gift made during the month of March will be counted as 1 point. Below you will find a schedule of the advances:

Round 1: Friday, March 10 
Round 2: Wednesday, March 15
Round 3, Sweet Sixteen: Monday, March 20
Round 4, Elite Eight: Wednesday, March 22
Round 5, Final Four: Monday, March 27

How can you participate?

First, consider making a gift of any size to the College by visiting or by mailing a check to:

Randolph-Macon CollegeGive to R-MC 
Office of College Advancement
P.O. Box 5005
Ashland, VA 23005

After you’ve made your gift, encourage your classmates to give back to help your class make it to the Final Four!

  • Please note that only gifts made during the month of March will count during this competition.
  • If you have a recurring gift set up, your gift will be processed on its regularly scheduled day and will count toward the Macon March Madness Challenge.

How can you track the results?

You can follow the results online at Be sure to also follow all of our Randolph-Macon Alumni social media pages to get live updates!

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Click here for a larger version of the Macon March Madness Bracket Diagram. 

This document will be updated periodically during March Madness.

Updated 3/27/17

The Office of College Advancement • P.O. Box 5005, Ashland, VA 23005 • 866-694-4574