Commemorating 50 Years of Diversity at R-MC

Yellow Jacket Article VA Union Student Accepted September 1966

Randolph-Macon College is commemorating its 50th anniversary of desegregation by highlighting the events that led to this historical moment and honoring the pioneers who led the fight to achieve equality at the college.

When Haywood “HAP” Payne, Jr., enrolled at Randolph-Macon in 1966, he put the college on a path toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive community. Today, the college is committed to meaningful diversity and equality. Randolph-Macon’s community represents all 50 states, 2 US territories, 21 countries and many different cultural, religious, sexual, gendered and intellectual backgrounds.

As we commemorate the anniversary of Randolph-Macon enrolling its first African-American students, the college continues to integrate the value of diversity into the fabric of campus life. Through a wide range of student organizations and multicultural programs, Randolph-Macon seeks to build a community that upholds the inherent worth of individuals in an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and civility. 

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Updated 9/9/16