Women's Studies Major

A woman in a library
In exploring the complex idea of gender, women's studies offers a unique perspective on the liberal arts.

How have ideas about gender shaped history, culture, and experience? In a diverse and ever-more global world community, women's studies offers an essential and critical understanding of scholarly research on women and gender in relation to other aspects of identity—including race, ethnicity, religion, class, and sexuality. At R-MC, the women’s studies major and minor place the place the broad perspectives offered by the liberal arts within the context of applied knowledge, preparing you to meet the challenges of the future.

Interdisciplinary Major

Our women’s studies curriculum allows you to take courses from across the curriculum and then concentrate in your area of interest for your final senior capstone experience. The program also allows you the option to double major in women’s studies and another area of study at R-MC. Students choose an internship, field studies or independent research for their senior capstone experience.

Practical Experience

Women’s studies encourages students to actively engage in the community through internships and field studies experiences. As an undergraduate, Stacie Francis ’08 interned at Hanover Safe Place and now serves as the organization's Community and Children’s Services Coordinator. Jill Kubichan '10, a women's studies and sociology double major, was recognized by Hanover County with a Spirit of One award for her volunteer services.

Graduate Studies

Graduates of our program attend law school, sociology, nursing, education, social work, and other graduate programs. Women’s studies students are attractive candidates for graduate programs because they have been trained in critical thinking and been exposed to the theories of contemporary social issues. They stand out as well as balanced candidates with strong interdisciplinary training.

Innovative Careers

With a women's studies major or minor, you will have the skills to enter into any career path with confidence. R-MC graduates are pursuing careers in law, social justice, education, consulting, business and medicine. The women's studies program helps you take on whatever future you choose with a strong foundation in holistic knowledge, interpersonal skills and an increased sense of agency as a student and as a citizen of the world.