J-Term Mandatory Insurance Plan

Randolph-Macon College requires a mandatory group medical insurance policy for ALL participants, including students, faculty instructors and chaperones, engaged in study/travel courses abroad, regardless of what other insurance coverage the student and his/her family may have. This will ensure that ALL participants have a minimum level of coverage while traveling abroad and will improve crisis prevention and management for individuals and all participants in the study/travel courses. Registered study/travel students are automatically enrolled in this group travel insurance by the Office of International Education (OIE).




Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1. How am I going to be enrolled in the group travel insurance plan?

The cost of the study/travel course includes group travel insurance, in which you will be automatically enrolled by the Office of International Education. (Note: exceptions may be made in cases where the instructor works with a program provider that provides medical insurance and trip cancellation coverage as part of the trip package). 

Q 2. Can I cancel my participation in a study/travel course because I changed my mind and still get a full refund?  

No, the College will not refund you the money. If you purchased an individual travel insurance policy that will cover cancellations for any reason (such as choosing to withdraw from a study/travel course), then you should be refunded by your insurance company. Please be aware that you are responsible for enrolling yourself in this individual policy and that this type of coverage often requires that you purchase the coverage within certain days (i.e. 15 days) of the initial deposit. We cannot make any guarantees with this policy as it is an individual plan, and will be your responsibility to meet all of its requirements.

Q 3.  How do I seek medical care overseas with the insurance?

First, provide the medical provider your group travel insurance information.  More than likely, the provider will not be able to accept the insurance on-site, so be prepared to pay any deposits or fees upfront in the medical facility. Keep all receipts concerning diagnosis, medical service and prescriptions. Make sure all contact information (provider, hospital, address, phone number, etc.) is on the paperwork. Use the group travel insurance plan provider to request a reimbursement of medical expenses. 

Q 4. How do I request a reimbursement of medical expenses incurred overseas?

Immediately upon receiving medical care overseas, contact the OIE to inform them of your treatment so we can help you contact our insurance provider and they can assist you in filing for reimbursement. You will need to file an international medical claim with your primary insurance so that they can generate an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) document.  Your primary insurance will deny your claim, but you need the EOB to provide our J-term insurance provider.  Once they receive your EOB, along with your medical documentation and receipts, they can begin to process your claim.  Be aware that this process takes some time, so it is imperative that if you intend to file a claim, that you do so immediately!

Q 5.  As a result of my injury overseas, I will still need medical care once I return home.  Will the group travel insurance plan cover those expenses?

No, the group travel insurance coverage begins at the point and time of departure on your J-term course’s departure date and ends at the point and time of return on your J-term course’s return date.  

Quick Tips:

  • Bring enough cash or a credit card with high limit to be able to pay for your medical services up front. Students participating in domestic study/travel should also bring their health insurance card in case they need to seek medical treatment.
  • Keep all receipts and paperwork in order to request an EOB from your primary insurance to submit with claim
  • You are responsible for filing your claim with the group travel insurance plan provider
  • Avoid scenarios in which you might be injured or get sick.