Social Security Number

Social Security Number

If you will be earning money in the U.S. and have authorization to work on campus or off-campus (including graduate assistantships), you must apply for a Social Security number (SSN) in order to be paid. Contact the Designated School Official (DSO), Jane Nucup ( to receive the template of the required employer letter to bring the Social Security Office. When applying for a Social Security number, individuals holding an F-1 or J-1 visitor category student visa will need to present the following documents to the Social Security Administration Office. 

  • All I-20s or DS-2019s
  • Passport, visa and I-94 receipt

Offer of Employment letter: must come from the employing college department on letterhead and must include the following:

  • Student's full name.
  • When the employment will begin (anticipated or actual employment start date no more than 30 days in the future at the time of application).
  • The nature of the employment.
  • Where the work will be performed.
  • Number of hours per week the student will work (do not exceed twenty hours per week).
  • R-MC's EIN (Employer Identification Number): 54-0505940
  • Employer contact information, including telephone number and the name of the student's immediate supervisor.

This will prove that the student has obtained work or is employed. A sample letter can be found on the next page.

Authorization to Work letter

  • The OIE is the ONLY office authorized to issue this letter. We will need the Offer of Employment letter in order to prepare the Authorization letter.
  • Once you apply in person with the Social Security Administration Office, you should receive your SSN within two weeks.
  • If you or the department hiring you has any questions, please contact the Office of International Education or visit the Social Security Administration's section for foreign students (PDF).
  • Note: As of fall 2012, one-year exchange students are not allowed to work during their time at R-MC.