Study Abroad Photo Contest

Study Abroad Photo Contestlens photo

The winning photo will be used to promote study abroad at Randolph-Macon College
and will be displayed in the Study Abroad Photo Exhibition!

Deadline: February 19th, 2018
1st place winner gets a prize!

Guidelines for entry:

  • Submit favorite photographs of your study abroad experience featuring a distinguishable landmark or artistically styled photos, for example.
  • No more than 3 entries per person.
  • Ideally, the files should have a resolution greater than 3000x3900. Higher is always better.
  • Submit your digital photos via e-mail to by February 19th, 2018. 


Please submit the following materials and information:

  • A signed and completed Photo Release Form
  • Your photo & title for each photo.
  • Your name, phone number & email address.
  • About the picture: where and when you studied abroad,