The International House Policies and Procedures

The International House's International T.V. Program focuses on:

  • working with departments such as the Department of Modern Languages) to integrate international media, food, and other cultural aspects into coursework

  • hosting cultural events focused exposing students to the food, history, and modern life of people from around the world

  • providing a space for faculty to host informal gatherings for outside of the classroom educational opportunities

Facility Reservations and Usage

Reservation must be made at least two weeks prior to your event (or at the earliest possible time to ensure the facility availability) as well as before any advertising for your program.

Rooms and Equipment Available for Reservation

  • Kitchen - reservation includes use of kitchen utensils, stove, microwave, and some space in the refrigerator; space may be used for informal gatherings/class socials; may request stereo

  • Living Room - seats 15 people comfortably with room to include more chairs; reservation must include use of television, international cable, VCR/DVD player, and/or stereo

Space and equipment may be reserved and used for college functions only, with priority given to class and other academic purposes. Students must have a faculty/staff advisor co-sign the reservation form in order to reserve space/equipment at the IH.

Patrons are asked to make reservations by filling out a reservation form

Reservations will only be accepted if a member of the IH or the faculty/staff advisor will be able to be present at the event for supervision.

The amount of time reserved depends on the availability of IH residents to be present at functions, although typically reservations are made for 1 to 5 hours at a time. Discretion of the House Manager is used for events/functions lasting longer than 5 hours although the IH is dedicated to being as accommodating as possible.

Hazardous activities are prohibited.

Faculty/Staff Advisors Responsibilities

Requests from student groups or organizations must bear the signature of their faculty/staff advisors. When approval of such requests is given, it is with the understanding that all the necessary arrangements are made for audiovisual equipment, security, special cleaning requirements, etc and the event/activity will be closely supervised by the advisor.

In case a member of the IH cannot be present at the event, the faculty/staff advisor of the sponsoring group/organization must be present and responsible for ensuring that facilities users adhere to the policies and procedures established for the use of the I-House space and equipments.

Damaged Property

Facility must be treated with respect and courtesy and left the way it was originally found. It is the sponsoring group's responsibility to do the cleaning after use, including washing dishes and picking up the trash. The advisor and the organization will be entirely responsible for control of the activities, for payment for any damage or excessive cleaning required to the I-H facility*.

*A replacement charge is automatically assessed for any property that is damaged. The replacement charge depends on the property that was damaged, which can include damage to kitchen, carpet, furniture, media equipment, etc.

Revised February 2011