International House

Living & Learning Community

A Unique Living Experience

The International House is special and unique interest housing for most international students as well as for US American students. The International house accommodates 11 students and is equipped with a full kitchen, two bathrooms and community spaces.

A Cultural Center

The House serves as an excellent place for various cultural events that are open not only to the house residents but also to all RMC students who want to be exposed to diverse cultures.

Join the Intl' House

All house members work together to maintain a good living and learning environment while promoting culture awareness. The house application for the following year is usually available in early February and due early March. Please Contact the Assistant Director of the OIE ( for more information about the application process. 

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the International House is to create an environment in which residents can experience an intercultural living arrangement. The International House consists of students from a variety of nationalities and cultures - including U.S. Americans. The goal of the International House is to foster intercultural friendships and experiences and to initiate cross-cultural learning opportunities for residents as well as the R-MC community. House members are expected to work together in planning, organizing and implementing activities throughout the year and thereby agree to make a commitment to the philosophy of the International House.

The International House Policies & Procedures

Please read the International House policies & procedures carefully before making a reservation.

Click here (DOC) to download a Reservation Request Form.

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