International @ R-MC

The International House is a hub for international life on the R-MC campus, fostering intercultural friendships and initiating cross-cultural learning experiences for residents and for the R-MC community as a whole. The International House provides accommodations for 12, along with a full kitchen and welcoming community spaces, and every year serves as home for a unique mix of cultures, with students both from abroad and from the US sharing the residence.

The International Assistant Program matches new international students with returning R-MC students. Some of these IAs were once new international students themselves, while others are US students, many of whom have studied abroad and know what it is like to be a foreigner in another country. These IAs assist the new international students in their adjustment to life at the college and to US culture in general.

The Office of International Education sponsors an annual photo contest, highlighting images that capture the international experience. See our Flickr page of winning pictures.

Through a variety of activities, programs and events, R-MC's annual International Education week celebrates the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. Read about International Education week.