Voices from Abroad

Randolph-Macon students and recent grads are all over the world doing fascinating things: studying abroad, naturally, but also learning about international business through internships, teaching, attending graduate school, volunteering with the Peace Corps... Here are some of their stories! 

Student & Alumni Voices from Abroad

Check out the latest R-MC Snapchat takeover from Seoul, South Korea. Katie Terhune is currently an exchange student at Ewha University there. 

Spanish & Biology double major Farah Hatoum spent a semester in Almeria, Spain and heads straight to Lebanon for the summer to work with young Syrian refugees there (a Davis Peace Project). Learn more about both on her blog, F four Farah.

Ciao! Tabitha Butler spent a fall semester in Turin, Italy. She took over R-MC’s Snapchat account, sharing a day in her life as a study-abroad student. Gelato, anyone?

Keara Dail studied abroad in Lille, France. Her Snapchat takeover took us to a beautiful French Christmas market by night.


Sarena Tien AmienWandering in France:

Sarena Tien spent her junior year at the University of Nice in southern France, graduated from R-MC in 2016, and returned to a small town in northern France as a teaching assistant for 2016-17. Her observations have already taken 3rd place in a writing contest, and she updates her blog frequently - check it out!


Broader Horizons

J.D. Rackey graduated from R-MC with majors in political science and music as well as an education minor. He headed off to China after graduation and wrote eloquently about his experiences teaching there.

Jackets in Japan:

Follow the adventures of a J-term Comparative Education course as they travel in Japan

Natalie in Malaga

Natalie Meyer spent spring semester of her sophomore year in Malaga, Spain on an ISEP exchange.