Pre-Engineering Program

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From software development to space exploration, many fields rely upon the skills, knowledge and expertise of engineers. The pre-engineering program at Randolph-Macon College prepares you to take on the exciting challenges of this diverse discipline.

Engineering school cooperative agreements

For qualifying students, R-MC maintains a cooperative agreement for an engineering degree with the University of Virginia.

Advice and guidance

The pre-engineering program helps you plan a curriculum that will lay a strong foundation for graduate studies and an engineering career. Pre-engineering students commonly choose a major in physics or engineering-physics, and many include a minor in mathematics, while also benefiting from R-MC's broad liberal arts curriculum.

Internships, research and independent study

Students at R-MC are encouraged to take their learning beyond the classroom through opportunities including Schapiro Undergraduate Research Fellowships, independent study projects, and internships in professional settings.

Beyond R-MC

Some recent graduates of R-MC are pursuing careers in aerospace, military, contracting, aviation and construction engineering as well as in software and networking technologies.