Departmental Honors

Honors students in their junior or senior year will engage in an in-depth study of a particular topic in their field of interest. These "Departmental Honors" projects can assume a wide variety of forms, and individual students have a great degree of latitude in designing them. One possibility is to engage in research with a faculty member, an opportunity generally not accessible to an undergraduate at a large university.

Randolph-Macon College awards fellowships for summer research to its students, and several Honors students have been awarded such fellowships and used them to complete their departmental honors. Research completed by students in the Honors Program have included projects in Biology, Chemistry, Classics, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology. Other possibilities for the completion of departmental honors include one-on-one courses (one student, one professor) at the 400 level and "honors contracts" in which the student signs a contract to do some additional in-depth work in the context of a regular course. It is even possible in some instances to use an internship to complete departmental honors.

Students have presented results of their research projects at state and national meetings of various professional societies, such as the American Psychological Association and the Mathematical Association of America, and some of their results have been published. The forms needed for Departmental Honors may be downloaded here.

Completion of the Honors program requires successful completion of two units (semesters) of Departmental Honors.

Departmental Honors Creation Form fall 17

Departmental Honors Completion Form fall 17

Departmental Honors Course Description Form (PDF)