Honors Modules

Honors students at R-MC participate in four single-credit Honors "modules," one for each year of their course of study at the college. These small, cohort-focused courses are capped at 15 students, and meet once per week for a single semester:

Honors 201 (Fall semester, Year 1): Focusing on the concepts of "Inquiry and Intellectual Curiosity," the first year model introduces students to the philosophy behind the liberal arts and the intellectual experience of academic life. It also provides an introduction to the student's path to completion of the Honors Program.

Honors 202 (Spring semester, Year 2): Students in the second year practice "Collaboration," working with a faculty member and a small group of fellow Honors students to design a custom learning experience that will be executed in the student's third year of study. These projects are creatively and flexibly designed, allowing students to pursue their own interests.

Honors 203 (Spring semester, Year 3): Emphasizing the notion of "Contribution," students in their third year carry out the work of their collaborative learning experience and prepare to present their work to the Honors community.

Honors 204 (Fall semester, Year 4): Graduating Honors students focus here on "Vocation," working with the Honors administration to finalize their Honors portfolio; they also work with third-year Honors students in preparing for presentations of the collaborative learning experiences.