Honors Benefits and Opportunities

Opportunity Knocks.

Honors students at R-MC enjoy cross-campus benefits, from the classroom to the dorm room. Read about some of the opportunities here.

The Classroom and Beyond

  • Students in the R-MC Honors program are given exclusive access to exciting, interdisciplinary courses taught by Honors faculty
  • Honors courses are capped at 15, providing a unique small-group seminar environment of like-minded students
  • R-MC Honors students have unique opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty on research projects as part of their Honors curriculum
  • Honors projects give students freedom and flexibility in exploring their academic and professional interests

Housing and Facilities

  • Select first year students living in the Honors wing of R-MC's newest freshman dorm, Andrews Hall
  • The Honors wing in McGraw-Page library, featuring reserved study carrels for Honors students
  • Access to after-hours study space in Thomas Branch Atrium

Campus Services

  • Extended library lending privileges and interlibrary subscription services
  • Specially appointed library liaison, Laurie Preston, for Honors students
  • Exclusive access to counseling and programmatic services from the EDGE program