Art History Major

A historic oil painting of women with children.

What role has art played in the evolution of human culture? Why are we drawn to create art? How does art express meaning, arouse controversies, shape our ways of seeing the world? These are the kinds of questions explored through the study of art history.

A Unique Perspective

The art history curriculum develops an understanding and appreciation of the rich history of artistic expression from ancient cultures to modern times. Art History also provides a strong complement to other areas of study such as history, studio arts, sociology/anthropology and classical studies.

The Liberal Arts Benefit

An interdisciplinary major, art history draws upon the many resources of R-MC's liberal arts curriculum, allowing students to draw connections between these disciplines.

Beyond R-MC

Recent graduates of R-MC's Art History program can be found in graduate study at the Corcoran College of Art & Design and the University of London and in secondary and higher education, museum studies, nonprofit, law, advertising, graphic design and architecture.