For Faculty

The Communication Center is dedicated to supporting faculty teaching efforts and research/publication goals.

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We can work with your students.

Regardless of discipline, we are happy to meet with your students to assist their writing and communication needs.

We can come to your class.

We are happy to visit your class to introduce ourselves and our services to your students. If you would like to arrange a visit or tour, please contact the director at least one week in advance.

We can collaborate with you to address specific writing/speaking issues in your courses.

We often partner with faculty to create specific collaborative tutoring support for individual writing assignments or upcoming presentations in one or more of their courses. Faculty can share an assignment with us, let us know what they would like us to emphasize, suggest/require their students to visit us, and we can address those issues and confirm attendance. 

We can organize and offer a customized writing/presentation workshop for your students.

Whether the focus is citation, integrating quotes, writing up research results, avoiding summary, crafting an effective thesis and topic sentences, giving group presentations, delivering a research talk, or virtually anything else, we can put together writing and/or speaking workshops for your students. If interested, please notify the director at least two weeks in advance.

We can help you with your own writing projects.

While we know faculty are nearly always the experts when it comes to writing in their field, it can often be helpful to collaborate, discuss, and plan with a fellow writer/colleague. We can work with you on your own writing, including course assignments, conference proposals, grant proposals, and material for publication.

We can consult with you to develop writing assignments for your class.

If you would like to discuss creating effective writing assignments, using writing activities in class, or supporting your student writers, you are welcome to visit us and discuss at any time.

To discuss any of these services, please contact the director (Seth Clabough). We are eager to work with you.