Top 10 Suggestions For Creating Your Course Schedule



  1. Read course descriptions, not just titles.The description will give you a sense of what is covered in the course, as well as any special preparation or skills necessary to be successful.


  2. Spread your courses throughout the week and throughout the day.Pro tip: “R” means Thursday, so a course that meets TR meets Tuesday and Thursday.


  3. Don’t register for classes you expect to get AP, IB, or dual enrollment credit for.


  4. Save time in your course schedule for lunch!


  5. When possible, fall athletes should plan to end their courses by 4:00 in order to minimize scheduling conflicts for games and practices.Spring athletes should use the entire day.


  6. If you are considering Education, enroll in HIST 111 (not HIST 100).


  7. Take at least one course in an area you are considering as a major or minor.


  8. Take your time registering for classes.If a class fills up, there will be something else for you to take.


  9. Nothing is permanent; if you decide you don’t like your schedule, you can make changes (you can even get our help after the Orientation Day to do so).But, consider schedule changes carefully, and when in doubt, call us!We will also make changes as needed, to reflect credit received from AP tests, etc.


  10. If you have questions, contact the Registrar’s Office at 804-752-7227 or