Goal of MAP Seminar

MAP Seminar provides an intentional opportunity to identify students’ strengths and coach students on how to play to those strengths within the classroom and outside of the classroom. This seminar, combined with other HAC tutoring and academic coaching services, is an opportunity for students interested in reimagining their college experience.  While this seminar will support students’ growth and foundational skills, this seminar is not exclusively focused on academic skills, nor is it meant to replace other academic support functions on campus.  

What is MAP Seminar?

MAP Seminar provides evidence-based retention and engagement interventions for students interested in reimagining their college experience.  This seminar aims to refine academic skills, learning strategies, connections to the community, and identifying personal strengths to help students find success at the college level. 

What does MAP Seminar look like?

The curriculum centers around strengthening academic skills, examining helpful college strategies, identifying personal strengths using the Gallup StrengthsFinder, and experiencing a final capstone intended to launch the students into a successful spring semester.  The experiential capstone will specifically aim to enhance professional development and personal wellness strategies for students as they face academic challenges.

Sample J- Term Seminar Plan

Students will attend a 90-minute seminar once a week during J-term. Students are assigned to their section based upon the preferences they share on the 2023 MAP Seminar Interest Form.

  • Week 1: Commitment Meeting & Finding Strengths
  • Week 2: Strengths Reflection and Application
  • Week 3: College Strategies: How to Move Forward Knowing Your Strengths
  • Week 4: Use Strengths to Plan Your Adventure
  • Capstone Experience 

We hope to hear from you!

Does the MAP Seminar sound like something you are interested in? If so, complete the 2023 MAP Seminar Interest Form (Students must be logged into their MyMaconWeb account to access the form).  

Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact: MAPS@rmc.edu.