Students Currently Registered with Disability Services

Requesting accommodations each semester of enrollment

Currently enrolled students who have previously followed the eligibility process and are registered with the Office of Disability Services (DS) must request services each semester they are enrolled and wish to utilize accommodations; this action is completed by submitting the online accommodation request form below, or by completing a paper form in person (available in the DS Office).

Because it may take several weeks to arrange accommodations and prepare accommodation letters for faculty, students are strongly encouraged to submit the accommodation request form soon after registration for classes for the semester they are seeking accommodations. Forms submitted once classes have started will result in delayed processing.

Requesting test proctoring accommodations

Currently enrolled students who are registered with (DS) and have been approved for testing accommodations may use the following form to request test proctoring in the Higgins Academic Center (HAC). Paper versions of this form are available in the HAC for students who prefer not to utilize the web platform for scheduling. Please note one full week’s notice is required when scheduling tests in the HAC (two weeks for final exams).