Notices of Candidacy for Graduation are due in the Registrar’s Office by November 15. If you intend to graduate in Spring 2024, you must submit the Notice of Candidacy for Graduation by this time. Students completing their coursework after the fall or January term should have already submitted their applications for February 2024 conferral. Forms must be submitted via MyMaconWeb. If you are already logged in to MMW, you may access the form here: 2024 Notice of Candidacy. You may also navigate to the form by logging into MMW, then clicking the Academics tab > Student page > Notice of Candidacy for Graduation under Student Requests.

Please note that Advisor Approval is a requirement on the form.  You and your advisor should review your progress towards your degree using the degree audit and transcript available via MyMaconWeb.  Do not submit your form until you have discussed your graduation status with your advisor.  Once you submit your form, a notice will go to your academic advisor requesting their approval.  Once they have approved it, the form will be submitted to my office.  You will receive an email confirmation when the form is received. 

The following guidelines are offered to help you when reviewing degree requirements:

  • If there is an approved substitution for a course on the major or minor, this must be communicated to me via email.  These approvals should come from the department chair.
  • Please register for only those courses you plan to complete in the spring.  If you plan to be less than full-time in the spring, do not register for extra courses that you plan to drop before the semester starts.  This will allow me to better assess your plans and will prevent you from needing to contact me about changes in your schedule (which you are likely to forget to do!).
  • Be sure that you have met (or will meet) the following requirements for graduation:
  • Minimum 110 semester hours
  • Minimum 34 courses of 3 or 4 hours each (cannot combine 1-hour courses; repeated courses can only be counted the first time hours are earned)
  • Minimum 2.00 GPA on all RMC work
  • Satisfy all collegiate requirements including ENGL 185, AOKs, and CARs (or comparable requirements if you’ve transitioned to Curriculum21).
  • Complete at least one major
  • Minimum 2.00 GPA and no grade below a C- on all majors and minors.

Once I receive your notice of candidacy, I will review your academic record carefully to ensure all requirements are in progress or complete, and I will send an email to each student and academic advisor indicating one of the following:

  • If you successfully complete the courses for which you are currently registered, you will be academically eligible for graduation. 


  • You have issues that you must address to be academically eligible for graduation.

I will begin reviewing graduation audits once seniors have registered for spring courses.  Please note that it does take multiple weeks to review audits for all potential graduates, so you may not hear from me immediately after submitting your form.  Best of luck as you finish your fall semester.