Solicitation and the sale of items by students on campus (including in residence halls) or off-campus are prohibited unless approved by the Student Engagement Center located on the 2nd Floor of Brock Commons. Individual students and student organizations should use the procedures for solicitation and fundraising as published and distributed by the Student Engagement Center. Failure to comply with those procedures will result in adjudication under the Student Conduct Code.

Outside individuals or organizations, even if represented by students, may NOT solicit funds or sell items anywhere on campus or use the campus system for solicitation or promotion without authorization from the Vice President of Student Affairs or their designee. Failure to comply will result in the parent organization, if any, being notified and any non-community representative being asked to leave campus.


Organizations are encouraged to fundraise. Approval is required for ALL fundraisers and events where money will be exchanged, either for your organization or philanthropy. Off-campus or online fundraisers also require approval.

Fundraisers are approved in the same manner as all events on the Buzz. Simply submit an event on the Buzz and click “Yes” to the question “Will you be collecting money or raising funds at this event?” Organizations MUST have their request approved on the Buzz before they can hold their fundraiser.

Additional information for fundraising is included below:

  • All requests must be submitted ten (10) days or more before the event to ensure accommodations for the request can be made. Submissions within 10 days or under may not be approved in time.
  • No fundraisers that promote gambling or betting, including raffles, are permitted. 
  • Any organization wishing to sell items or collect funds in the residence halls must indicate that on their fundraising request form or it may be denied. Solicitation in residence halls will be limited to one organization a week and may only be used as supplement for another fundraiser already taking place. Additional approval for fundraising in the residence halls is required from the Director of Residence Life & Housing.